Since 2013, we have led an effort to protect the wildlife of Madagascar through a combination of spay/neuter, vaccination program and wildlife monitoring. More specifically, we do the following:

  • Capture, spay/neuter, and vaccination of domestic and feral dogs in villages surrounding Ranomafana and Andasibe National Parks

  • Conduct camera trap and lemur transect surveys in forests surrounding these villages

  • Conduct surveys of households in villages across the region to investigate the role of, the husbandry, and the impact of dogs on local wildlife

  • Work with and train local vet and vet students from University of Antananarivo

Our Mission

Promoting wildlife conservation, animal welfare and human health in Madagascar through the care and management of feral dogs.

“(MDI) embodies so much of what we regard as central to Compassionate Conservation. What I particularly admire about this project is that it is inclusive. It benefits wild animals, domestic dogs and people, and I hope will be an inspiration for others to follow.”
— Virginia McKenna OBE, Founder of the Born Free Foundation

What We've Achieved

  • Completed four expeditions to Ranomafana National Park, and a pilot expedition to Andasibe National Park with a veterinary and scientific research team.
  • Provided clinical training opportunities for five Malagasy veterinarians.
  • Collected survey data on local attitudes towards dogs and why they are allowed to go feral.
  • Collected data on wildlife and dog population densities across Ranomafana National Park.
  • Spay/neuter, vaccinated and provided free medical care for over 500 dogs and cats via our mobile veterinary clinic.
  • Published the findings of our dog/wildlife occupancy modelling in Biological Conservation.
  • Published the findings of our village surveys in Madagascar Conservation & Development.
  • Collected over 5000 camera trap images of dogs and wildlife in the forests surrounding RNP.
  • Delivered a keynote speech at the Compassionate Conservation Conference in Vancouver, BC.