Changing the official response to rabies in Madagascar - thanks to LUSH!

We are overjoyed to announce our continued partnership with the Lush Charity Pot initiative which is supporting our pilot rabies campaign this April! Last December, we were asked to provide the details of a program to help eradicate rabies in Madagascar. The current response to rabies in areas with outbreaks is "decanization" campaigns - the disbursement of strychnine throughout a region. This has devastating animal welfare implications, poses a risk to human health and the environment (strychnine doesn't degrade after it's ingested), AND does nothing to address rabies. In exactly one month, our team, in partnership with Travelling Animal Doctors, will vaccinate 2,000 dogs and cats in a region of Madagascar currently experiencing a rabies outbreak. We will also conduct post-vaccination transect surveys to quantify the percentage of the population we reached. Our ultimate goal is to show that rabies vaccination campaigns are a relatively cheap, humane, and effective way to reach the goal of rabies eradication by the year 2030.